Other Writings

In addition to Starless, I have a few other plot bunnies. I’m not currently working on them, but I do love my characters from them and you may hear their names a few times.

Autumn Rose

I haven’t written a synopsis for this project yet. The plot is a complete mess. *looks back at old drafts and shudders*

It includes Dragon Queens, Elves, Dwarves, and other creatures. Characters from Autumn Rose include Teralina, Emers, Norin, Cassimer, and Seniria.

I wrote two drafts of it before putting it aside. Who knows, maybe I’ll come back to it someday! For now, I’ll stick to writing snippets with the characters from it.

One Strange Summer

I had a synopsis for One Strange Summer at some point, but it was written in a notebook and that notebook has since been misplaced. But basically, it involves three very spoiled children (Alice, Lily, and Sebastian) who are sent to work at their aunt and uncle’s medieval faire for the summer, which is something they never expected. They expect to hate their summer, and… well, if I ever finish it, you’ll find out if they do or not.

The Little Things

A contemporary novel focusing on mental health and growing up. I’m still developing characters, but once I’ve got things figured out, this will probably be my main project for NaNoWriMo 2021. We shall see. I’m also considering publishing each chapter on my blog as a series, and then collecting all the chapters, adding some bonuses, and self publishing it. Again, we shall see.