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27 thoughts on “About Chloë

  1. *Peeks in*
    Because Marvel’s movies are aaawesome!

    PS. Also, Hey there Chloe! Nice to meet you, the name’s Julia aaand I…I’ve got a confession to make *wipes a tear away and wails* I PROBABLY DON’T GET EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP EVERY NIGHT! XD XD XD

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          1. That’s super cool. I watched Winter Soldier yesterday. I was surprised by the amount of car collisions in it. I’ve seen that one, the first two Iron Mans, the first Spiderman, all four of the Avenger movies… and I think another one but I can’t remember XD

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  2. Wow! It’s been awhile since I was here, and oh my goodness! It’s gorgeous here! I’m definitely going to start following. And yes, LOTR is amazing, and I need to get into Marvel too. 🙂

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  3. Hey, Chloë! I’m Esther and I’m twelve. Just found your blog…I love it and cannot wait to see more posts! ❤ Have an wonderful day!


    I love LOTR too!! 😍😍 I recently finished it (though I had been meaning to read it for years) and thought it was absolutely amazing!! Watching the moves is next on my list. 😜

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  4. Well- the Myers Brigg has four letters- I think the two of us are opposites when it comes to that. I am an ENFP. I can understand your struggle with anxiety due to my struggle with epilepsy, which is a pain. My main escape from epilepsy belong to seeing musicals in person.

    I also love Lord of the Rings- both the books and the movies.

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    1. Oh, yeah! I really loved it for a long time, but it’s not like it used to be at all, so I decided it wasn’t worth sticking around… 😦 I don’t write much anymore anyway, so I don’t regret it at all, and I’ve been able to invest more in my acting, but I’m so glad there are writers who are still finding it useful!!!! 😀

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  5. Hi Chloe!
    I just found your blog through Makayla’s. “I Love Lucy” is a favorite of mine too. I cannot stand any of the Mr. Bean shows…. he just annoys me so much!

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