It Is Good ~ a poem

Our Father has made so many places,

Mountains towering high above,

Oceans so visit and wide.

He’s given us forests,

and rivers,


and caverns.

He’s given us climates of all sorts,

countries, continents.

He’s given us an entire world,

more than a single person can explore,

and it is good.

And there is a special place He has given us,

a place secluded,

a place filled with joy overflowing,

a place of exhilaration, and safety, and peace.

It’s a camp called Burnt Cabin,

and here we are,

for one momentous week of the year.

We come from far and wide,

We come here to breathe

and to live

and to glorify.

There’s a whole lot of sweat and sometimes chaos,

there’s noise and boundless rambunctious energy.

And there’s quiet and calm and laughter,

there’s fellowship and team time and songs.

There’s sunscreen and sunburns,

ice cream, X-games, bug spray, sports.

Here we can revel in our blessings,

in God’s love.

Here we can take a step back,

come together,

find joy in the simple,

laugh at the little things.

No matter where you are,

no matter what time of day it is,

here you can look around you.

Anytime, anywhere,

you can marvel in the beauty

and the wonder

of this glorious place.

Close your eyes,

take a breath,

and think of all the good,

think of the memories.

Hear the laughter,

hear the songs,

hear the peace.

God has given us so many places,

and we come here,

and suddenly all that we can see and know

is that

it is good,

He is good,

It is all good in the sight and the love

of our Lord.

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