thoughts ~ a poem


how it can be such a good day

or at least, nothing out of the ordinary

and then you go to your room

and the emotions hit

and the tears come

for no reason at all

and then you calm

you sit down

you open the laptop

and suddenly, you see reminders of what used to be,

you see what things are like now,

and the tears come again, 

as you’re filled with loneliness,


maybe even grief,

and the tiniest twinge of anger,

and you wonder

“why did we have to say goodbye?

was it me?

was it them?”

and then you push the emotions away

and lock your heart down,

go numb for the millionth time.

it works, you’re numb,

until you turn on the music,

and the tears come again, 

and so on, so forth, again again again.

the pain will never go away.

on the other hand, there are the worries,

that won’t go away,

the worries that say

“are you sick? do you have the symptoms

of some horrible disease?”


“what if I make a mistake and I lose someone else?”


“what if I go and am a third wheel, like always?”


“what if I’m wasting my life?”

well, I suppose it doesn’t matter,


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