what’s so bad about abortion, anyway? ~ promo post (that I really hope each and every one of you reads)

(disclaimer: I’m not back from hiatus yet, but this is a post that needs to published and one that is very important to me, so here I am.)

Hey, friends. Today I’ve got a very different kind of post for you.

I don’t usually talk about issues like abortion on this blog. Maybe I should. I’m a Christian and have some very strong, important views, but I’m not great at talking about them. I don’t like causing conflict, and that can make it hard to talk about things like this. Fortunately, I know someone who is very, very good at writing blog posts and spreading awareness on important topics.

In 2019 my family moved out to the middle of nowhere after fourteen years of living smack dab in the middle of the city. Needless to say, it was a big change. When I was younger, I had always wanted to be a “country girl”. Now I’m pretty sure I’m a city girl at heart, despite finally getting my childhood wish of moving to the country.

I was not very happy to be moving. It’s hard to be so far away from places I love to visit, like the library. I don’t like snakes, I don’t like bugs, I don’t like ticks, and anxiety has stolen all of my childhood adventure spirt away. I cried a lot when I learned we were moving, and I still miss our old house.

However. Moving out to the country did bring about one fundamental change in my life: I finally met some kids my own age. We have so many wonderful neighbors with kids of all ages now.

One of these wonderful neighbors is Keziah. And while I might sometimes be a little too timid to stick up for issues I believe in (I’m working on it), Keziah most definitely is not. On her blog, you can find all sorts of amazing articles, especially relating to the topic I’m talking about today. I’m going to link some of her posts later.

So, what’s the point of today’s post?

Well, Keziah is releasing a picture book on a very important topic. It’s called “What’s so Bad about Abortion, Anyway?” and it’s a response to a picture book called “What’s an Abortion, Anyway?”

I cannot believe that society has fallen so far that people are teaching little children that murder is okay. Because that’s what an abortion is. If you don’t believe me, well, keep reading. Because as I said, at the end of this post, I’m going to be linking to some articles.

Thank goodness for the world and for Christians (and those of other religions or no religion who believe abortion is wrong), Keziah is taking the initiative to push back. I highly recommend reading her post on “What’s So Bad About Abortion, Anyway?” so that you can get her own words on it. (Click HERE for that post.)

Now, as you can imagine, getting a book published isn’t easy or cheap. It requires funds for illustrations, editing, cover art, getting the book distributed, and it requires so many hours of preparation. So, Keziah needs our help.

She’s got a Go-Fund-Me that I hope you all will consider donating to. Every dollar counts. I know a lot of my readers are broke teens like me, but if you can manage to donate, please do. (Click HERE for the Go-Fund-Me link.)

I would also recommend checking out the book’s website to read more about the book and Keziah’s mission. (Click HERE for the website.)

I am in full support of this book. I have the same views as Keziah. If society can tell children that abortion is okay, then we have the right to proclaim what we believe.

I know abortion is a complicated situation. There are so many sides and so many women who don’t want a child they didn’t ask for, but there is simply no way abortion can be justified, no matter what. However, there is help for women who have had an abortion, and there are other options for women considering abortion. But those resources need to be made more widely available. I truly wish that all the money going into abortion clinics could be put into the adoption system and into pro-life clinics for pregnant women who don’t know what to do.

If you don’t believe that abortion is murder, here are some of Keziah’s posts you can read that I hope will help you see the light. (And they’re worth giving a read no matter what your view on abortion is, for or against. Basically, I hope all of you will click these links.)

Abortion- Lies Women are Told And The Truth They Need

Holocaust vs. Abortion – The Same?

“Fetuses Can’t Scream…”

The Horrifying Ways Babies Are Aborted (This was the first of Keziah’s posts on abortion I ever read. And I remember vividly sitting there with tears streaming down my face, knowing for the first time how horrible abortion really is. I had known abortion was bad before, but my parents don’t like talking about it and I hadn’t really been able to judge just how awful it is. This post is a very heart wrenching post, but I will always recommend it. It really makes you see reality.)

And here is one more article related to abortion, concerning the things fetal cells are used in. (Yes, the cells of aborted babies are used in foods, beauty products, and vaccines.) I found this article just the other day, via Keziah’s blog, but I had heard most of this list before and make a point to avoid anything found on the list. (And, having found some new products added on the list, will be making an effort to avoid those, too.)

I highly encourage you to ask Keziah what you can do to promote her book and this issue. Or share her posts. Please check out her blog and read her articles. If you can, please donate to her Go-Fund-Me. Please, support this book so it can make a big impact. The impact this world needs.

Thanks for reading.

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