burnt out: hiatus announcement

Hey, friends. I’ve really been hoping I wouldn’t have to write this post anytime soon, because I had been doing so good lately, but alas, here I am.

I’ve had a really good past couple of months mentally. This was a welcome surprise, and I’m so grateful. I didn’t feel tired, I had so much inspiration for blog posts and writing projects, my social skills improved, and it was great.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually last, and for the past couple of weeks, I’ve started to feel my energy putter out. There were a few emotional roller coasters and a ton of stress, and I guess that’s taking its toll. Which means that, unfortunately, I’m coming to you with a hiatus announcement.

The definition of the word hiatus is as follows: a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process. Basically, I need to take a pause from the process of blogging, and probably from the process of writing as well.

How long of a hiatus, I don’t know. Maybe in a few days I’ll perk up and be back here like “so maybe I was a bit pre-mature in taking a hiatus”. Most likely, it will be a few weeks. But it could even be months. I really don’t know. As soon as I can manage it, I will be back.

I do have one very important post coming up on August 31st which I hope you will all take the time to read. And I’m still going to be reading the posts that show up in my WordPress reader and replying to comments. I just won’t be posting.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to regain some inspiration soon so I can churn out several episodes of A Sunshine Club Summer to have ready for you when I return, but I really don’t know.

Thank you for all your support, and I hope I’ll be back sooner than I expect.

I love you all.

7 thoughts on “burnt out: hiatus announcement

  1. Do what you need to.

    I take a planned hiatus every six months in my fictional timeline, but I’m thinking I might need more hiati than that, or at least to skip a week every once in a while, now that life has gotten a bit busier. I feel like I’m not as well-planned as I like to be; I’ve missed a few things that should have happened earlier in the story that now I have to work back in, while making sure there aren’t any inconsistencies.

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  2. Aw, I will miss your blog but i understand! Breaks are so important! I hope that you will regain inspiration while on your break. 💖 Thinking about and praying for you tonight. 💓

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